Friday, March 30, 2012

And Speaking Of...

* For further ideas on incorporating Cummerbund Belts into your Spring wardrobe like the one that I wore here, check out Lucky Magazine's March issue (pg. 86):

                  Leather-trim raffia, Burberry Prorsum, Leather "Timora,", Patent-trim pony-skin "Bonnie,", Leather "Adrienne,", ADA Collection, Leather "Luxe Lacing,", (Photo Credit: Lucky Digital Studio)

Here is what Lucky Magazine had to say about the quickest way to slim down for Spring.....

1. The tallest point should be between three and five inches, narrowing in the back.                                      2. A squarely centered buckle creates the more dramatic silhouette.                                                             3. A soft material conforms to your waist.

 Again, I was able to find my belt at TJ Maxx, but it looks like there is a Cummerbund belt for every price point.

 * Remember Alexa from this post? Recently, I noticed that her Facebook status has gone from "single" to "in a relationship". Hmmmm....maybe there really is something to this online dating? Let's just hope her status doesn't move to "it's complicated"!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Hunted

Like a wild lioness, I have been scouring the thrift store savanna and hunting for a classic, taupe colored trench coat FOREVER! You know, for something fabulous like the trench in this iconic image....

So far, my perfect trench has eluded me! It can't be too long, too heavy, or cost more than I'm willing to pay for at a thrift store (lately all the trenches I've run across have been around $29.99-$ 39.99. What!? They do know that this is a thrift store, right?). This weekend though, mama's feeling hungry and ready to pounce! I'm hoping to have good thrifting karma and finally sink my claws into my perfect coat.

Oh, and finals are FINALLY done! *deep breath* This picture is what I'm going to look like lounging around in my new trench with my new free time (but preferably with a glass of red wine too, know, so that I look authentically French).

What have you been on the hunt for?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anxiety Filled Blondes

 It's finals week for me and Amanda, which means long hours of looking over notes and opening books you have been ignoring for months. It also means texting Amanda about my anxiety and her comforting response that she is about to barf (as far as I know she didn't). So for the past few days, I been living in sweatpants, drinking lots of coffee and wishing that the week goes by fast.
 These photos were taken last week on the first day of spring. The weather was still in the low 40s and windy making a jacket and longs sleeves a must. I'm loving colored jeans right now, they're just so cheerful and springy!
This is what I wore to run some errands like buying a new windshield wiper blade (which broke off while defrosting my car the morning before) and buying new mascara (which I really hate doing). I can never find one I like. Oh, the struggles of being a girl. 
Jacket: Ross, Shirt: F21, Tank Top: Romy, Pants: F21, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Gifted, Ring: Stella & Dot
I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and now back to studying for me. -S

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thrifted Spring Jambalaya

Kind of a weird post title, right? I think Spring is finally here in Seattle! Maybe? You never know seeing as it was snowing just a few weeks ago. But, I took our one sunny day to signify that Spring might possibly be here. This outfit represents a whole mix up, thrown together, jambalaya of some of my favorite themes. One of my go to colors for Spring is navy. It is such a classic color and never goes out of style. Other elements of this outfit that I love are the 70's vibe with the boots, the slight ethnic print on the dress, and boho influenced jewelry. I also adore lady like pieces like this glossy alligator embossed handbag, structured blazer, and the fullness of the skirt portion of the dress. The ultimate in twirl ability! Bam!

Thrifted: Dress (someone handmade it!), Handbag, Blazer (Talbots), Boots (Nine West)
Jewelry: Necklace and Bracelets (Lucky Brand..thanks, mom), Ring (a sweet gift)
Misc.: Cummerbund Belt (TJ Maxx), Sunnies...who knows!?
Lips:  Wet N Wild..Wild Shine #925 (full time student=full time budget!)

I hope you have a little Spring in your step today too!

Friday, March 23, 2012