Friday, March 9, 2012

Almost Famous on a Friday

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears.......I guess I didn't have to be THAT dramatic, but I'm just excited to have your attention to introduce you to our new Friday segment! We've decided that it will be much more exciting to hear about other people from time to time and share their stories with you guys on Fridays. Kind of a fun way to kick off the weekend! And so, we introduce, "Almost Famous on a Friday". 

 *Oh, and now is when you would click the above video and queue up, "Fame", by Mr. David Bowie. Meeeow!*

Our first guinea pig errr volunteer to do an interview with The Blonde Squad is Ann. We all recently went to an event where Sara and I thrifted a dress for Ann to wear to the party. We ended up finding her a $ 4.98 little black dress from the Crown Hill Value Village (which is one of my favies!).

Here is Sara with Ann's dress. Sure it looks kinda frumpy and lifeless now. But with the right accessories, Ann really pulled it off (I just wish I had the "after" picture! Bad, bad blogger. Never again!)

 And now, on to the interview. Oh and by the way, BS will stand for Blonde Squad, not bulls*#t (although after you witness my journalistic skills, you might disagree!). Here we go...

BS: Hi, Ann! Thanks for talking with us today. What was it like to have someone shop for you?
Ann: It was a relief because I don't have any style (giggle, giggle). What you see is what you get!
BS: Did you like the dress we picked out for you?
Ann: Yeah, I actually felt hip enough for a change to hang out with all of the young girls. But I only thought that for a little while...because I really couldn't.
BS:  **in my own head (hmmmm...this is sounding suspicious)**
BS: So, how did you make the outfit your own?
Ann: Oh, um...I added boots. I put some leggings on...I thought I was doing good by scrunching up the leggings. I found a wide belt with the same sequins on them. I also added bangles and some hoop earrings. And it made me feel real chic!
BS: Do you ever shop in thrift stores?
Ann: No.
BS: Why not?
Ann: I grew up on the Eastside. No, Really!!
BS:Do you think you will shop in thrift stores in the future?
Ann: Yeah, for sure! Except not in the lingerie and underwear department!

Thanks, Ann, for your time. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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