Friday, March 16, 2012

Almost Famous on a Friday

Gather around kids, it's time for another installation of Almost Famous on a Friday. I am certain that you've been waiting around all Friday for this post to come out. So here we go...

Really, another David Bowie song? REALLY! And since I am super themey, this one goes along nicely with today's topic...

I recently had a conversation with our smart, gorgeous, and kind friend, Alexa. Alexa mentioned that she tried online dating for the first time. What!? This got me wondering what the heck is going on with the dating world if an amazing catch like Alexa is having troubles finding "the one".

BS: Hi Alexa, thanks for talking with us today!
Alexa: (laughs) Hello! How are you doing?
BS: Super, super. So, I was wondering...what made you decide to try online dating?
Alexa: I was very hesitant. I had a co-worker who tried it and she found a very nice guy and now they're dating. I had been on quite a few dead end dates and decided to try something different.
BS: Meet any promising catches yet?
Alexa: Yes, actually the first day I set up the account, I met several men. About the second to third one that I talked to seemed very promising! We've been out a few times and it's going well.
BS: Great! But, have you met any weirdos?
Alexa: There were a few guys off that bat that seemed a little old...but no weird comments from anyone of them. However, a guy I went out on a date with a year ago that I tried to ignore (nicely) found me on there and tried to contact me again.
BS: So, all and all, would you recommend online dating to others?
Alexa: I would, but I still have my hesitations. But most of the people are looking for the same thing as you and you are able to define your requirements a lot more specifically than meeting someone in a casual encounter.
BS: Do you have to use your real name?
Alexa: You have a user name or whatever name you want to go by. You can decide if you want to give it out.
BS: Good luck and thanks for your time!
Alexa: Thank you. (smiles)

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you too have some great dates this weekend. I'll be studying for finals, myself<---don't cry for me, Argentina!

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