Thursday, March 22, 2012


doppelgänger: a paranormal double of a living person, typically representing evil or misfortune. In modern vernacular, the word has come to refer to any double or look-alike of a person.

A is said that everyone on the planet has a double of themselves lurking about in some corner of the world. Recently, our friend anxiously let me know that she has found mine! Apparently, my doppelganger (or am I actually the evil doppelganger?), is the lead singer of an 80's cover band. How fitting! When I saw her, I had to admit that I did think she looked like me....but even more alarming was the fact that I'm pretty sure she stole an outfit from my closet without me noticing!

Romy Jacobson AKA my doppelganger
Me. AKA Romy's doppelganger



80's Invasion is playing in a few weekends in my neck of the woods. I would love to go see them, but as our friend pointed out..."it might mess with the space-time continuum"!

So weird....all along, I had assumed that this was actually my twin. Hmmmmmm....

Have you found your twin yet?

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