Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Friday Morning Study Session and Our Thrifted Rewards

Last Friday, Amanda and I got up early to study at 8am at school (We were both late, Amanda cause of traffic and me because I forgot to set the alarm). After a few good hours of study time, I made a quick stop at the mall to exchange some pants when I got this text "Um crazy 70's dress city here at 145th today. I already have 4 in my hands!!" So of course I ran to Goodwill as fast as I could. Also there is something we have not shared with you yet and that is we LOVE 70's style especially blouses and dresses. Amanda and I have almost the same taste in clothes and when thrifting we go for the same types of items which is fun because both our sisters think we wear some crazy things. With about six dresses in hand, I took to the dressing room to find the best of the best and ended up with this little number (which I almost didn't take because I wasn't sure if I would wear it). Crazy, I know!
 I ended up wearing it the next day for St. Patrick's Day. I was assisting at one of the dance shows and wasn't sure what the girls would think. I have found over the years, kids are nothing but honest about your clothing choices. So I was surprised to hear multiple girls and their moms complement my outfit.

One of the girls told me that she liked my dress because it looked like the flowers were painted on.

Dress: Thrifted, Boots: DSW, Ring: Made by my grandma
 A dress for $4 is there anything better than that, I don't thinks so! -S


  1. Sara-why did I not snatch this dress from your dressing room? It looks fantastic...so glad you went with it (and a little bit green with envy..which would go along nicely with this dress)!! Great post! A-

  2. I love this green dress :)
    you look adorable!!