Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting busy with Busy

Even though I am not the show's ultimate fan by any means, there are a few things about the show Cougar Town that I am absolutely smitten with.*Hubba, Hubba*. Interestingly enough, they both share the same concept....a soft, neutral palette with a bright pop of color. See if you think so too...

My Cougar Town crushes are as follows:
1.) The interior of Jules' house...

This house looks so easy, breezy, and cozy to me. That topped with ample seating and conversation areas must be why all of her crazy, wine drinking friends are over all of the time (hey, nothing wrong with that)! Again, love the neutral colored walls, natural accents, with pops of sherbet.

2.) And speaking of easy, breezy...I just adore actress Busy Phillip's soft, fresh, clean face with that trademark zing of color. Ka-pow!!

Quick, somebody STOP ME! This post has me reaching for my Wet N Wild lipstick shade #521A. Too late..
Do you like to rock fun lipstick colors too?

DISCLAIMER:  According to the Urban Dictionary "Ka-Pow" has a different meaning than the one that I am trying to purvey. I did not mean to insinuate,by any means,that I would be "pimp slapping" Miss Phillips. Although, if she gets out of line...

(photo credits:,, Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America)

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