Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Green Fiend

Recently, I found these little beauties at guessed it, a thrift store (I might be a little slow, but I'm starting to sense a theme here)! You see, these were "special" earrings, tucked away behind the little glass case. The special type where you have to get a store attendant to reach in and retrieve them for you. After the retrieval, it then gets super awkward. Said store attendant will idly stand by while you admire yourself in the mirror and run through the following lyrics in your head..."I feel pretty, oh so pretty!" Now, I don't typically treat myself to anything special in the glass case, nor do I usually go through the hassle of having the store attendant witness me trying out for the West Side Story. However, these beauties would not stop flirting with me and I couldn't refuse. They are a glass teardrop of the perfect shade of kelly green with a gold toned leaf. I immediately forked over a different kind of green.....$5.99.

Are you too a green fiend lately?

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