Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello: My Name is ___________.

"How did you get started?", you ask. Ok, more than likely you didn't...but I'll tell you anyway. Legend has it, it went something like this...

One day, Sara and I were in the lab cranking on each other while practicing joint mobilizations. Total side note alert: we were learning joint mobs Grades 1 through 4. But, I'm pretty sure Sara got all Grade 4 on my GH joint the whole time (oh, hi Sara!). we lay on the table mobilizing....we had secret desires to be stylizing. We thought it was time to finally bust out and and try our hand at this so called blogging stuff. Who knows what will make it on to our blog...thrifting (definitely), physical therapy (high probability), out and abouts (the saucier, the better!), classroom chit chat (clutch the pearls.....just wait until you meet all the characters in our class!)? Stay tuned to find out!

PS..I'm pretty sure these two are swapping thrifting tales too. Something about having your arm distracted will do that to you. Consider yourself warned. Ya heard?

Thanks for stumbling upon us!
A and S, SPTA, 3/5/2012  0900-0930  <---just a little SOAP note humor for your afternoon.

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