Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Hunted

Like a wild lioness, I have been scouring the thrift store savanna and hunting for a classic, taupe colored trench coat FOREVER! You know, for something fabulous like the trench in this iconic image....

So far, my perfect trench has eluded me! It can't be too long, too heavy, or cost more than I'm willing to pay for at a thrift store (lately all the trenches I've run across have been around $29.99-$ 39.99. What!? They do know that this is a thrift store, right?). This weekend though, mama's feeling hungry and ready to pounce! I'm hoping to have good thrifting karma and finally sink my claws into my perfect coat.

Oh, and finals are FINALLY done! *deep breath* This picture is what I'm going to look like lounging around in my new trench with my new free time (but preferably with a glass of red wine too, know, so that I look authentically French).

What have you been on the hunt for?

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