Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Like a Rhinestone Cowboy (who happens to like wearing pretty jewelry...who am I to judge?)

So, I'm just going to flat out admit it. I was a child of the 80's. I have to further admit that there are still many trends from the 80's that I am still very much into (I may or may not be typing this blog entry right now with a pair of lace Madonna style gloves on. Shhhhh!!). Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are still having dark days and snow showers. So, I've been really excited to see pops of bright colors showing up in everything from skinny jeans to handbags.

One particular trend that I am crushing on right now is neon colored rhinestones. A necklace, a bracelet, perhaps a ring? Yes, please! Maybe it's my naivety (the curse of a book smart, not so much street smart girl), but I got kinda a weird feeling at first when I looked on etsy to buy one of these beauties and saw that they were hand painted in neon colors. Nothing major, just a "hmmmm" feeling. Something about taking a vintage piece of jewelry and painting over it didn't completely sit right with me (I had assumed that the colored rhinestones were manufactured in different neon colors...DOY!). But this got me thinking, I have absolutely no problem thrifting a vintage piece of furniture and breathing new life into it with paint. Even some of the pieces that I have modernized have been bare wood before I painted them (Scandalous!). It seems that I am just a good old fashioned hypocrite.
from the dylancolyer shop on etsy

from the PureEssentia shop on etsy

What are your thoughts? Does painting vintage jewelry give you a little"hmmmm" feeling or are you excited to see a fresh spin on a dated item?


  1. Roses are red violets are blue
    Vintage is old and that looks new!

  2. Ha Ha! Great point, A.Nonymous! Thanks for your insight. However, in the future I would prefer your replies in Haiku format!

  3. Ack. Those neon necklaces are so ugly, why don't they make something original?

  4. Thanks for your comment, Watcher. That particular necklace is being listed for $300.00 (EEeekks!). I take it that I don't have to fight you off to buy it first then? ;)