Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Hot Mess Dress


This dress was my first try at taking a thrifted item and giving it a “makeover.” I was inspired by Sarah from Wearing it on My Sleeves. She takes ugly thrift store dresses and makes them cute again.  I purchased this dress last summer, thinking I could remove the giant bow and take up the hem to knee length. But I didn’t realize until I got home how much of a hot mess this dress really was. First, I didn’t try the dress on at the store so it was a little small for me. Second, on the hanger the dress looked like it was an almost off the shoulder neckline but sadly it was “off the shoulder, 80’s prom dress style” in reality. The third, there was boning down the front seams and the whole thing was topped off with the biggest bow ever. After surveying the damage, I began the long redo process. I started by cutting a good foot off the bottom (funny thing was someone had actually hemmed it to that horrible length). I used the extra fabric to take the dress out about four inches, which would not have been so bad if my sewing machine hadn’t died midway through. Leaving me to either wait for a new machine or carry on by hand. And because I lack patience for these kinds of project, most of the dress was hand stitched. It’s definitely not perfect and the collar will never sit down straight but overall not bad for my first attempt. Even with all the troubles, it was worth the $5 I paid to have a unique piece of clothing plus a funny story to match.

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack, Dress: thrifted, Belt and socks: Target, Boots: DSW

PS: Based on my last two post, I'd like you to know that I'm not obsessed with floral prints, they just show up in my cart at thrift stores and then I must take them home. -S


  1. I'm beginning to get the fevor to thrift and create, so inspirational!

    1. Good to be anonymous when making spelling errors

    2. Get out there and look around, Anonymous! You would be surprised of what's out there. There is something for everyone! :)