Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shamrock Smoothie

Looking for a quick, nutritious, post-party pick me up (wow, that was a tongue twister!)? Annie from the Livinpaleo blog shared this recipe for Shamrock Smoothies. Annie mentioned that this recipe was a little too sweet for her family. The next time around, she will try and make a smoothie with herbal tea instead of the grape juice. Even though I have really been focusing on my sugar intake (reducing it, that is), I have to admit that it wasn't too sweet for me! :)

Here is Annie's post:

Shamrock Smoothie:
Looking for a St Patty’s Day treat?  Here’s a sweet treat.  When I say sweet, I mean it.  So sweet, if you’re counting carbs this may not be your treat.  This recipe claims there’s 36 g. carbs (in 2 servings).  On the bright side, it does have 6 g. fiber and 7 g. of fat.  Thank goodness for Everyday Food Magazine, they always give me great food ideas.

1 cup packed fresh organic spinach leaves (find it here)
1 1/4 cups organic white grape juice
1/2 organic avocado (find it here)
1 Granny Smith apple, cored
1 cup ice

How to:
Blend spinach leaves, juice, avocado, apple, and ice.

Here’s today’s Irish quote:
“May your laugh, your love and your wine be plenty, thus your happiness will be nothing less.”

Need I say, eat well, friends!

Even just the word, "shamrock", sends me into a tailspin of nostalgia. Just curious, does McDonalds still even make Shamrock Shakes? Thanks for the post, Annie.

PS  No real shamrocks were hurt in the making of this post or smoothie!


  1. When I think of avocado & juice mixed I just cringe. However, since you guys say it tastes sweet I think I may need to give it a try. Decisions, decisions! ;)

  2. It definitely tastes sweet! But, I will admit that it is a little different...not exactly a Shamrock Shake(why is it that bad food tastes so good? Oh yeah, additives! MMMmnnn). But, if you've kicked the junk food and are looking for a healthy alternative, this hits the sweet spot! Let me know what you think! xoxox A-