Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Simple Thrifted Tablescape

With St. Patty's Day quickly approaching, I wanted to whip together a fast, simple, festive tablescape. If you've been to my house for dinner before, you'll know that I usually have really elaborate tablescapes. Probably to distract you from the fact that I am not the world's best cook! I bumped it down a notch and have put together just a basic setting with some thrifted and new pieces:

Just like dressing yourself, I love to layer on different fabrics and patterns on my tablescapes. Both the green tablecloth and taffeta remnant were thrifted. I like to use inexpensive king or queen sized sheets as my base layer (in this case, a black sheet. BTW...I never use my tablescape sheets as bed sheets or vice versa. That would just be gross!). And don't worry, usually I do iron all my linens. Oops, not this time! :) The candle holder was also thrifted and was originally brass. A quick coat of glossy, black spray paint really modernized it!

The glass black charger (under the dinner plate) and funky napkins were thrifted. The cloth napkins were from Target, were unused and still in packaging. Bonus! (PS I hope to be a much better and attentive photographer soon! Ahh, the pressure!)

Both of these lovelies were thrifted. I have re-used my black wine glasses for everything from a Halloween party to a Twilight party (<---yes, I am a nerd).
  Here's hoping that you will find gold at the end of your rainbow!

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