Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thrifted Spring Jambalaya

Kind of a weird post title, right? I think Spring is finally here in Seattle! Maybe? You never know seeing as it was snowing just a few weeks ago. But, I took our one sunny day to signify that Spring might possibly be here. This outfit represents a whole mix up, thrown together, jambalaya of some of my favorite themes. One of my go to colors for Spring is navy. It is such a classic color and never goes out of style. Other elements of this outfit that I love are the 70's vibe with the boots, the slight ethnic print on the dress, and boho influenced jewelry. I also adore lady like pieces like this glossy alligator embossed handbag, structured blazer, and the fullness of the skirt portion of the dress. The ultimate in twirl ability! Bam!

Thrifted: Dress (someone handmade it!), Handbag, Blazer (Talbots), Boots (Nine West)
Jewelry: Necklace and Bracelets (Lucky Brand..thanks, mom), Ring (a sweet gift)
Misc.: Cummerbund Belt (TJ Maxx), Sunnies...who knows!?
Lips:  Wet N Wild..Wild Shine #925 (full time student=full time budget!)

I hope you have a little Spring in your step today too!


  1. cute outfit! I love your dress! Thrifted finds are the best!

    Lindsey Turner

    1. Thanks, Lindsey! I's so fun hunting for something unusual at thrift stores! Then it's even more fun and challenging to put it all together! Thanks for the comment! :)

  2. I love put-together looks like this, sharp! And, the dress, handmade-thrifted. Isn't it fun to find something handmade? oh, the stories you could imagine.

    1. Thanks, Christine! I love finding the handmade stuff too. Makes me always wonder why in the world would they give it away? Oh well, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure. Speaking of...looks like you've found some really good jewelry treasures lately! A