Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Framed Cork Board

Here's a simple Do It Yourself, I did a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post it for a few weeks. I wanted to find another way to display all of my long necklaces because my current spot was overcrowded and becoming one tangled mess. Like always, I wanted something cute without paying a lot money. I have seen these framed cork boards before and figured I could make one myself for whole lot less. 

During one of my trips to Goodwill, I found this 16 x 24 frame for $1.99. I knew it would be perfect for this project. 

First, I removed the glass. I wasn't in love with the green color of the frame so I stray painted it silver.

When I was at the hardware store, I didn't find the right size of cork for my picture frame. But I did find some 12 x 12 cork squares, which I cut to fit the frame.

Then glued my 4 cork pieces together with a hot glue gun.

 Once everything was dry, I put the cork board in the frame and used the frame backing clips to hold it in place.  And finished it by placing a row of push pins across the top of the board.

I really liked how it turned out and feel more organized. The whole project ended up costing me less than $20 for the frame, spray paint and cork boards. Overall it was really simple and fun project to make!

Happy Crafting! -S


  1. I hang up my necklaces on a cork board, too! But yours is much cuter... us Seattle girls should stick together! Trade follows? What's PTA?

    1. Yeah, Sara is definitely the crafty one of our duo! I put some of my jewelry in a flatware organizer and thought I was being super tricky! Deal..I would love to trade follows.I was so happy to find your blog because I just knew there must be other Seattle girls out there that like to thrift too.Oh, and PTA is physical therapist assistant. Thanks for stopping by! :) Amanda