Monday, April 9, 2012

Thrifted Color Extravaganza

This mostly thrifted outfit is what I wore to the casual Easter dinner at my mom's house. I recently thrifted this shirt when Sara and I took our friend Ann out for her first thrift store run. It was fun to see a thrift store through a newbie's eyes (and Ann being the outgoing girl that she is, she of course made new thrift store employee buddies)! This shirt came from a haul from Goodwill where I had something happen that has never happened to me before...Sara and I actually filled up a CART LOAD of fun 70's dresses, 70's and 80's blouses, and glittery little numbers (we did mention that Sara and I almost have identical tastes, right?). I got worried because I literally loved everything that got put into the cart. Luckily for my budget, many of the items that I tried on didn't actually work out. AND luckily Sara and I didn't have to get into a cat fight over any items. *HISS, HISS* It was so cute at the end of the day when we were driving home after hours of thrifting, Sara and I mentioned that we needed to get pictures of our clothing "haul". Ann being new to the thrifting game thought that we were actually going to take pictures of our "hall" with our clothes all lined up in a row. Oh, Ann!!

Anywho..... I love this fun, bright blouse with a huge bow and crazy pointed puffy sleeves! The colors were reminiscent of painted Easter eggs to me. However over the weekend I saw, "The Hunger Games" and this shirt now reminds me of something Effie Trinket would wear (I sense a Halloween costume coming on!).


Thrifted: Blazer (Ralph Lauren), 80's Blouse (Robert James-New York), Earrings (originally for this costume), Jeans (DKNY)
Misc.: Ring (gifted), Belt and Clutch (TJ Maxx...ugh, I'm just now realizing that I might be a Maxxinista!), Booties (Payless), Sunnies (Target)

Just curious, do you have a thrift store route?


  1. That bow blouse is so cute with all the bright colors! Such a great thrifted find. I've been scared to hit the thrift stores, but I think I want to try them since so many bloggers get great pieces there :)

    The Tiny Heart

    1. your closest thrift store and check it out! I just recently found a Christian Dior blazer from the 80's that we are pretty sure is legit! But I completely understand, thrift stores can be intimidating at first. And not to sound thrift store snobby but there are some that I won't go to that are even too sketchy for me (smell wise and clientele wise! LOL). I think I'm going to see if I can have our newbie friend write a guest post on her first experience thrifting and toss in some thrifting tips too. You would be amazed at what's out there! Thanks for stopping by, Sharon. I took a peak at your blog too....great outfits, I'll be back! :) Amanda