Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Maxi Made Me Do It

I stopped by a store super quick to buy a binder for my school paperwork........and popped out with a straw hat and a purse! I hate when that happens.

My maxi dress has been aching to be styled in a carefree, rustic, almost islandy feel. And who am I to judge? I gave in to my maxi's whims and paired it with the straw hat that I *accidentally* purchased and low pigtails.

The new envelope clutch. I've been on the hunt for just the right one forever!

                                      And please don't worry....I was responsible and picked out a binder too!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Day at the Beach

It wasn't crazy hot over the weekend but around these parts "nice" weather is beach weather... even if you need a hat cause it's so windy.  Also check out those rain clouds in the background, crazy right?

A few friends and I spent a couple hours at the beach. We had fun putting our feet in freezing cold water and walking up and down the shore looking for sea glass. You know typical Pacific Northwest beach activities.

Hat: F21, Necklace: F21, T-shirt: Hanes', Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Steve Madden, Sunglasses: Thrifted

And this is what happens when my friend starts directing my photos...

awkwardness.  -S

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Tourist In My Own Town

So, I'm going to go out on a limb here and admit that I love to do totally cheesey things when I'm on vacation (uh, hope I'm not alone here!). Like....

                                                      Attending a Dog Surfing Competition:

Or, going on a ghost and graveyard tour via trolley (side note: I felt *uber* cool when we rolled into the hip part of town in this thing! LOL!):

So, yesterday when my girlfriend and I were bored with walking around Pike's Place Market we decided to head up towards Westlake Center. That's when we saw it (or, more like heard them blaring the song,"Who Let the Dogs Out?")........THE DUCK!


The Duck is a WWII amphibious landing craft that drives around downtown and then into the waters of Lake Union. I've lived here awhile and have kinda secretly wanted to try it, but have also secretly kinda mocked it.

View from inside of PF Changs

Well, one sunglasses (*-please see Sara's post on Seattleites and their sunglasses) purchase later...we were officially crewmates of The Duck.

Our Captain: Bjorn Toorun

The Space Needle painted orange to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the 1962 World's Fair

The weather started getting rough! Oh, no...I'm starting to get Gilligan's Island flashbacks! was fun to let your hair go wild and free

We actually had a great time and I'm glad that I took the risk of embarrassment and decided to be a cheesey tourist in my own town!

Do you ever tour your own town?

Oh, and since this is mostly a thrifted fashion blog:
Thrifted: Black Blazer (Nordstroms) and Jeans (DKNY)

(photo credit of the first picture of The Duck: Jean Sherrard)

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Life

I thought I wanted to wear a hat today, turns out I didn’t. My head and clothes aren’t speaking today and it’s making my life a little difficult. I assume everyone has those days where the outfit was just much cuter in your head than in reality. So I was left trying on more clothes until the contents of my closet was all over my floor. After 20 minutes of this, I’m left standing in a huge pile of clothes still undecided confused about why I can’t make a decision. Only to realize that I have not eaten anything today but that s'more I made an hour ago and a cup of coffee.

Fast forward 10 minutes later after finishing my toast. I look in the mirror at a random sweater I put on and it actually looks cute. It only to 45 minutes and one toast eating break but I managed to successful get dressed.  
Jeans: Levi, Shirt: gifted, Sweater: F21, Shoes: Payless, Necklace: DIY, Ring: H&M
For the first time today, my sister and I went to the Goodwill Outlet store where they sell everything by the pound. After a long search through all the bids of items like this one:
And other interesting pieces..., we ended up with 7.6 pounds worth of clothes.
 Here's a little peek into our bag of 5 dresses, 2 pairs of pants, 4 scarfs, 1 sweater and 1 tablecloth. It came out to be about $1 per item which is awesome!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Disheveled With a Side of Doughnut

Oh, sweet doughnutty goodness.....Spending my morning eating a doughnut is a treat for me. Usually, I can manage to avoid them due to: a.) I'm trying really hard to stay in shape for our profession and b.) I really try to avoid gluten (it does Josie Grossie things to me...TMI, much?).

This morning, however, I rolled out of bed and threw on whatever I could find and went out for a doughnut. My doughnut eating ensemble is complete with grey chippy nail polish, random baseball cap, down filled vest (that's right folks, it's fuh-reezing here again!), and Chuck Taylors.

This morning, we frequented Frost Doughnuts. Seattle Metropolitan Magazine voted them as having the #1 and #2 doughnut (their Salted Caramel and Smoky Bacon Maple Bar, respectively).

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Apparently, June 1st is National Doughnut Day!?

To our friends outside of US, do you have a national day that involves food? What is your favorite sweet treat?                                             


Thrifted: Chambray Shirt and Jeans.
(photo credit of the first interior photo of Frost:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Love it Or Hate it?

Seattle weather can be fickle. Sunny days have a way of being few and far between. So the second the weather is "nice" all the Seattleites are running home for their shorts and sunglasses. But it wasn't surprising when the weather turned around to a rain. I felt like need to give this disclaimer as to why I'm wearing this outfit when it's almost June.
I also heard somewhere that Seattle is a big seller of sunglasses because it's not sunny here all the time people lose their sunglasses in between the sunny days. So they are forced into buying another pair when it gets nice again. This does apply to me cause I have four pairs of sunglasses sitting on my dresser at this moment. Anyways back to the topic at hand, this outfit.
I wore this to go to the movies with my sister and dad. I asked my sister what she thought of my outfit and she said "I actually look better than you today." She's not a fan of grandma chic sweaters. Silly girl, who isn't a fan of these types of sweaters.
Jeans: Levi, Shirt: F21, Sweater: Thrifted, Boots: DSW
Then I asked my dad if he likes my outfit to which he replied by looking at me way too long while saying an unconvincing "yeeeaaaahhh." We laughed and told him Teresa didn't like it either. 
P.S. is it just me or do giant roses always make you think of Beauty and the Beast too?
Enjoy the weekend! -S

Friday, May 25, 2012

She's a Day Tripper

Sara and I just have a few more days left of the vacation before we head back to school next week. Today, I thought I would hop in the car and take a little drive. So, my man and I headed up north to La Conner, Washington. It's known for being half way between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. It's also well known as a stopping point after going to see the tulip fields that bloom in the Skagit Valley every Spring.

So, La Conner being a town on the water...and me being super was bound to happen! Today, I dressed in my ship shape best! Here is my nautical (and a little mod) inspired look:

Notice anyone photobombing this picture?

And the pièce de résistance of my "ruby red" thrifted slippers!

And just some snaps from the town (don't you too hit up random thrift stores when you visit a town?):



I loved a store called, Caravan Gallery! They had the most amazing jewelry imported from around the world. The ladies running the store were so fun and helpful. They named my thrifted shoes my "ruby red slippers". When I told the store keeper that I got them thrifting, she got a big smile on her face and divulged her love of thrifting too! Thrift store shoppers of the world, unite!!

This is what I bought at Caravan Gallery. A tie-dyed ombre scarf and a silk clutch from Indonesia

Thrifted: Red Wedges (Steve Madden), Navy and White Striped Sweater (Finity), Red Anchor Earrings
Blazer: (Apostrophe. I got it on a recent trip to San Diego, threw it in my carry on bag and haven't ironed it since...oops!)
OFMC (old from my closet): Capri's (7 For All Mankind), Sunnies (F21), Purse (gifted), Ring (gifted from Italy), Bracelet (gifted from Maui)<---my family members are super generous and bring me back nice souvenirs. Now, if they would just take me along with them in the first place! (I kid, I kid).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

(photo credit of tulip field: