Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Favorite Find

Sara is making this too easy on me! She is coming up with some great blog topics and all I have to do is jump in and add part two of the post. Why reinvent the wheel, people, right?

I have thrifted most of my adult life, but started thrifting for furniture and decor when I bought my new house out of necessity. Plus I have ALWAYS been a fan of the unusual and quirky, so I'm always thrilled with the odd ball unique items that you can find at thrift stores. Although I would label my interior design aesthetic as eclectic, one of my favorite design styles is Hollywood Regency. When I spotted this piece with it's bamboo accents and chinoiserie attitude, I knew I had to snag it for my nearly empty room. This Bali Hai chest is one of my first thrifted furniture pieces and was a whopping $12. It was originally a shiny pastel yellow color. When I am thrifting, I always look more at a piece's shape and function than what it's current state is like. I know you can always change a paint color, recover fabric, or change a lamp shade. Even though this piece started out it's life as a lingerie chest, I knew it would be the perfect place for me to stash my table linens, napkin rings, and dish towels. I initially tried to repaint this bad boy the "correct" way. You know, by sanding and painting by hand with a paint brush. The original finish was just too slick and was not taking the paint. I resolved to try matte black spray paint and found that it worked and adhered just like a dream. The chest is missing it's bottom drawer pull. I am on the look out for a replacement, but might remove that bottom drawer and put some sort of sliding wicker basket down there. But so far, the missing pull has not bugged me too much (which is saying a lot since I swear that I have mild OCD!).

Lastly, another little surprise that I loved about this piece is that when I looked on the back side I found an all too familiar little, orange, postage-sized stamp label with numbers on it. I would recognize that stamp anywhere, anytime!! As a child who grew up moving every 2 to 4 years, I immediately knew this piece of furniture came from someone who moved around in the military!

Here are some other examples of Bali Hai furniture updates that I found online. I love the fun, bright colors but my room is what I call "Monochromatic Magic" so I stuck with a basic color.

This is what the original finish looks like

via Happily Home "after"
via Natty By Design
via Decor Crush

                          And just some lovely Hollywood Regency design pictures........Ahhhhhhh.....

via Decor Pad
via Regency Furniture

And speaking of unusual and quirky....I also thrifted that amazing John James Audubon print of a turkey in a hand carved wooden frame from Mexico that is sitting on top of the chest. I also love "sciencey" type oddities. But more on that later....

Do you thrift for furniture too?


  1. What a great piece! And for $12! Holy cow! I love how you've styled it with the owl, sketch, and birdcage, too! Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! Man, I can't find those kinds of deals on furniture lately. Have you noticed thrift store prices sky rocketing over the past few years?-Amanda