Saturday, May 26, 2012

Love it Or Hate it?

Seattle weather can be fickle. Sunny days have a way of being few and far between. So the second the weather is "nice" all the Seattleites are running home for their shorts and sunglasses. But it wasn't surprising when the weather turned around to a rain. I felt like need to give this disclaimer as to why I'm wearing this outfit when it's almost June.
I also heard somewhere that Seattle is a big seller of sunglasses because it's not sunny here all the time people lose their sunglasses in between the sunny days. So they are forced into buying another pair when it gets nice again. This does apply to me cause I have four pairs of sunglasses sitting on my dresser at this moment. Anyways back to the topic at hand, this outfit.
I wore this to go to the movies with my sister and dad. I asked my sister what she thought of my outfit and she said "I actually look better than you today." She's not a fan of grandma chic sweaters. Silly girl, who isn't a fan of these types of sweaters.
Jeans: Levi, Shirt: F21, Sweater: Thrifted, Boots: DSW
Then I asked my dad if he likes my outfit to which he replied by looking at me way too long while saying an unconvincing "yeeeaaaahhh." We laughed and told him Teresa didn't like it either. 
P.S. is it just me or do giant roses always make you think of Beauty and the Beast too?
Enjoy the weekend! -S


  1. love it.. i could wear it's raining so much here (except that it's 80 degrees! lol)


  2. Cute! Definitely appropriate for that sudden squall last night! I heard that same statistic about sunglasses and it totally applies to me- I know there are at least four scotched around the house somewhere.

  3. I dig the contrast of the sweater. :)

  4. I think love it :) the sweat is great and so vintage. You can combine it with a pleated skirt and loafers too :)

    Take a look at my Blog, maybe we could follow each other on GFC :)

  5. Love it!! But I guess that is why we are thrifting besties (are you going to make me a dinosaur necklace too?). Actually, I think I even like it better with the shirt underneath it. -Amanda