Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Once Again....Awkward!

Hee hee. Sara and I were caught nominated for a blogger award and I didn't even have a speech prepared for the occasion! Super awkward!! ;)

In all seriousness, Sara and I started blogging to take a break from studying and to dream a little. We had a pact that each of us could write on here about what ever the heck topic we wanted to. I'm sure Sara is rethinking that decision after my last dog inspired painting post! When we first started, I didn't even want to tell another living soul that we had a blog. But I must say, it's worth it because the very best thing about blogging so far is "meeting" all you talented, witty, and inspirational bloggers out there! And speaking of inspirational...I would like to thank, Maikeni blogi for awarding Sara and I an "Awesome" and "Versatile" blog award. It's very flattering!  Please stop by Maiken's blog to be inspired by her STUNNING photographs. I only wish she could come to America to give me photography lessons. Oye!

Oh, and speaking of studying....Sara and I are in the last crazy, hair pulling out, push before the end of our externships. You'll have to excuse us if we are absent a few days. BUT WE'LL BE BACK!

Thanks again, Maiken! I hope you all are feeling awesome too (or at least versatile)!

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  1. you're absolutely welcome, ladies! and of course I wish you all the luck with your school stuff. hang in there and meanwhile thrift as much as possible! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me