Monday, May 21, 2012

A Proper Dinner Date

On Saturday night to celebrate actually surviving the externship, I went out for dinner (as in not with the girlfriends *hubba, hubba*). The Repp is becoming one of my favorite little restaurants. It is completely unassuming on the outside with a funky boho feel on the inside. We got to sit in an enveloping, dark booth by candle light and listen to live music (is there anything better...oh, wait...I had a glass of wine too. Not to sound like a complete lush, but I love I guess that does make it better in my book!). It's not the kind of place that you have to get all fancy, smancy I just dressed up some jeans.

This is what I put together. I LOVE the color combination of red and blue. It looks so quintessentially French to me (side note: I was fortunate to get to go to Paris and few years back and not one person wore red and blue together! So, I have no idea why red with blue paired together looks so Frenchy to me? Très Bizarre!). This ruffled 70's blouse is one of my favorite thrifted finds! To bump up the funk factor, I also added some gold heels.


                       While driving home, there were hot air balloons landing in the fields....

Thrifted: red ruffled 70's blouse (Jonquil)            

OFMC: gold pumps, blue clutch (TJ Maxx), blue necklace and earrings (F21), grey jeans (they are so old from my closet that they went out of style once and came back in! LOL!)

Do you have a favorite color combination? A-


  1. That red top is just stunning on you! Perfect for a dinner date :) I LOVE drinking wine's pretty much the only alcoholic beverage I'll drink anymore!

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    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! We are lucky here in Washington state, we have some great wines. In fact, a big group of us go on a wine trip every year where we rent a big van and hit up the wineries! Things get fuzzy after the first few wineries! Ha ha! :) AmandA

  2. no I don't, I just improvise all the time :P
    but yeah, your thrifted blouse is gorgeous and so is the necklace, love it!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Thank you, Maiken! I hope you have a great day! :) Amanda

  3. loving that necklace! and Fabulous top as well.. as for color combos - hmm.. when I was little my favorites were pink and purple, lol.. i'm finding i'm graduating more towards those again (it can actually be done tastefully!) also love turquoise and black...

    anyway, thanks for sharing!
    ps my boyfriends father is a tailor so he made my kameez and shalwar.. his business is very slow, so i'm thinking of asking if he'd like to do an online shoppe.. maybe I could drum up some business for him! :-)

    1. Thanks, Annie! Ya know, I don't think about putting pink and purple together very often. I'd love to see it!
      Wow, your boyfriend's father does amazing work! I bet he would get interest online! :) Amanda

  4. Great blouse! And I'll definitely look up the Repp the next time I'm in that neck of the woods. The menu looks great!

    1. Thank you! Just a hint...the beer battered mushrooms as an appy are awesome! :) Amanda