Monday, May 7, 2012

Saturday on REPEAT

Last Saturday, I went to watch some of the girls from my dance school in a local Irish dance competition. I always like being a little more dressed up and "adult" looking. Being as short as I am, I get mistaken for a teenager a lot especially at dance related stuff.
I love the classic lady-like jacket with the causal white T but you may have already gotten that from my last style challenge post cause this is the same outfit just different pieces.
It's funny how you put one outfit together and you like it so much that you keep repeating it even if it's not really on purpose or is that just me?
This time around, I added a pop of color in my lips and bright turquoise necklace which keeps the outfit young and fun. 
Jeans: Macy's, Shoes: Ross, T-shirt: men's Hanes, Jacket: thrifted, Necklace: F21, Lipstick: Loreal #350 British Red
And once again I'm in these heels. I went with a few of the girls into one of the extra practice rooms so I could watch their dance before they had to go on. They were all running around on the tippy toes saying "Look, I'm walking just like Sara" and "How can you walk around in those tall shoes?"  I tell them, "Years of Irish dance and practice" some how I don't think they believed me.
- S


  1. You look great! What a nice jacket!

  2. oh I love those heels! and the turquoise necklace looks beautiful as well. I think good things deserve to be shown as much as you want to ;)
    btw, about the animal park.. it's not only a shelter anymore. it has developed very widely during the years :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. aw, that is a super cute outfit! love the jacket and red lips with skinny jeans :-) and such gorgeous hair!

  4. ps.. i wanna follow you girls, but am having trouble finding a button.. can you direct me?? lol

    1. Hee hee. Oh man, I am so not hopefully I can figure it out. Looks like our follow button has migrated towards the bottom, right hand side of of our page. Hope that helps!! Thank you so much for the follow! I'll be by to check out your blog too as soon as I am done with pesky presentations to give! :) Amanda