Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday FUNday

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It's a BEAUTY MISS day today in the great Pacific Northwest! So, what do you do when you have a little free time on a lazy Sunday? Well, you meet up with Sara and go raid a brand new Goodwill<----obvi!! I was creeping perusing on someone's Facebook page and noticed a conversation thread about a new Goodwill in Edmonds,Washington. Shut the front door! I had no clue. Sorry, for those of you not in Washington state, that might not be that thrilling. But to me.... that means another stop to add to my route!

Here is Sara in front of the new Edmonds Goodwill. Please note the cross over bag that Sara is wearing. That is a staple of our outfits we wear when going thrifting=free hands to grab more thrifted goodies. Another tip that is hard for me to follow is not to drag my coffee into the store with me. As a Pacific Northwesterner, I swear that I have a coffee cup gorilla glued to my palm! I need all hands free and on deck.
As you can tell from the window, red tags were half off today. I have noticed that sometimes when thrifting, I can never even find anything that is on a color sale that day. Oh, not today! We had another weird incidence of filling up a cart load! Aye Carumba!

Here is Sara guarding our treasures!
Inside the cart: I really, really wanted to love the gold sequined number, but it just didn't work out.

Sara and I both love vintage clothes. We saw this from afar and my heart did a little pitter patter.

AND... then I saw the price tag and fell out of love. I can't get over how much thrift store prices have risen!

All and all the store was nice and clean and there were still deals to be found! This should be evident by the next picture....

Two bags full! That is a rarity.

                                      And just a few highlights of the outfit I wore today out thrifting.
My new raspberry clutch that can be converted into a cross over with a strap (see above photo)

I was trying to take little detailed outfit shots when my dog decided to photobomb me! (well not exactly, it's not like he was trying to hide!)
Thrifted: Scarf (in my hair), Clogs (Madden Girl), Polka Dotted Blouse (Jones New York)
Misc:  Green Jeans (originally seen here) and Raspberry Clutch (F21), Earrings and Necklace (Lucky Brand), Ring (gifted. It is made from a shard of Mata Ortiz pottery)
OFMC (old from my closet): Gold Aviators

I hope you had a great weekend and discovered some treasures of your own!


  1. Looks like you made out like bandits! I also went shopping at my Goodwill yesterday but was only able to find two tops. It looks like that Goodwill is a lot bigger than mine!

    The Tiny Heart

    1. Yeah, sometimes it can be a little hit or miss! Do you just have the one close by you? We do have a lot in this area, so that helps with the finds. I think it's great that you have made it back again to check out your Goodwill! Are you enjoying thrifting? :) -Amanda

  2. oh my, your loaded cart looks HUGE! :D I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your catch from that day!
    btw, I visited a thrift store in my hometown today and found zero items though all clothes and shoes cost only 0,50.- euros.. tell me about bad luck :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Every once in awhile, we will hit the jackpot. I got my dream coat that day for $12.00 USD. But then I noticed it was 1/2 off and was only $ 6.00. That hasn't happened in awhile. Do you go to a lot of thrift stores? I can't believe shoes and clothes are only 0,50. euros! Lucky!! :) -Amanda

  3. WOW!! 129 for that gold/yellow vintage ensemble?? I loved it...then UNLOVED it I thought it was only me who noticed the increase in thrift store prices. I love all the pieces you picked up though! I'm NOW A FOREVER FAN!

    1. Isn't that crazy! It's even more crazy when I see items at thrift stores that they are trying to sell for even more than they were at the original store. Ok, ok...I feel better now getting that off my chest! :) Thank you for following us. I would love to follow you too! Have a great night!-Amanda

  4. So I know this might not be your forte but I am loving how much volume your hair has with the scarf in it I always try to create that look of slick around the face but volume at my crown, any tips?

    This posts reminds me to check out the local thrift scene here in Atlanta!