Friday, June 8, 2012

Almost Famous on a Friday

After over a 7 week absence (so, weird...that's exactly how long our externships were. Coincidence? I think not!), I'm pleased to announce the return of Almost Famous on a Friday!  For those of you that are new to the blog....I'm sure you're thinking, "Oh, it's been missing?". For those of you that have been with us since the beginning of the blog, I'm sure you are still thinking, "Oh, it's been missing?".  Either way...

Today, my friend Tisha agreed to be interviewed by the BS (just a reminder...BS will stand for Blonde Squad...not bulls%*t). I've known Tisha ever since I was in high school and lived in Alaska. Even though they had never met us before in our lives, Tisha and her family came to greet my family at the ferry dock the moment we landed on the Island. We became instant friends! Oh, how I miss days like that.

One of the things about Tisha (ok, there are many) that has always intrigued me is a trip she and her family take to an event called, "Arctic Man". I feel kinda weird talking about arctic stuff in almost summer, but hey, I have a sweater on I guess it's not that far off. Anywho, let's learn more......

One Woman Seeks Arctic Man

Tisha and I used to live on Kodiak Island towards the bottom of the map. Arctic Man is held in Paxson, Alaska shown on the map with a red dot.

BS: Hi, Tish..thanks for letting us interview you. So today, I want to ask you about Arctic Man. What exactly is Arctic Man and where is it held?         
Tish: It is in Paxson, is basically an event for all things SNOW machine...there's plenty of riding and racing and pulling of skiers and vintage machines...stunts...basically any and ALL things snow machine.                                     BS: How many years have you been?
Tish: This was my second year going but some people have gone annually for years
BS: What is your favorite part about going?     
Tish: My FAV part is the riding and camping with Mike (her husband) and our good friends...lots of awesome fun and memories!!! Great riding and just random fun to be seen and had (0:                                                                                                                                                          
BS: Are there any crazy things that happen there that you can share with us or is it kinda like Fight Club?   
Tish: LOL...well it is sorta like a WiNTER version of FT Lauderdale's SPRiNG BREAK...soooo there are some random acts of "CRAZy"...but I don't think any of it is NON discussable...well depending upon the rating LOL!    
 BS: What would the fashion conscious girl wear there? I noticed your pink helmet!   
 Tish: Actually my helmet is from my 4x4 gear BUT there is aLOT of Fox riding gear Arctiva...North Face and Mountain Hard Wear...anything warm and waterproof LOL...this year there was aLOT of leggings with high socks and bunny boots around the fire...(for the woman that is) hats n snow pants are always a MUST...basically stylish winter wear (0:

Here is Tish getting the snow mobile stuck. hee hee....

BS: You know that I’m always fascinated that you drive your big ‘ol RV by yourself. Do you have any other skills that we should know about?  
Tish: OH My STARz...ummm, well I am still new to the snow machine...pretty adept on a four wheeler I suppose...I can manage to trip on completely FLAT ground and my bare feet FOR NO apparent reason...LOL...mad skills at UN coordination (0; 
BS: Can I go next year?  
Tish: Absolutely!!!!!           
BS: Thanks for your time! Good luck trying to go to sleep with your sunshine until midnight tonight!
Tish: Anytime...

Oh, and if you're interested in reading some past Almost Famous Interviews, click here.                                                               Have a great weekend, everyone! A-                                                                                                                                                                (photo's Facebook page)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


  1. what an interesting interview! I'm actually a pretty big fan of all kind of machines (I've been driving my own car since I became 17 and do it every day.. though I have changed the car for three times :P)
    oh and the photos are amazing! such a stunning scenery!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Thanks, Maiken! That's cool! You know, I wish I knew more about machinery. I think I can at least change a tire, maybe!? ;) Amanda

  2. OH my gosh, that photo under the map is so gorgeous!!! Is it like that right now? When does Arctic Man happen? I assume it was several months ago??

    1. Hi! Yes, it was in April. I think this was actually a really mellow interview of what goes on there...I think it gets super crazy. For some reason, I'm dying to go. Maybe I'll get to next year! :) Amanda

  3. Such a cool interview, I would most definitely love to visit Paxon, Alaska since I love snow so so much! And I love the beautiful photos!

    Thank you for the beautiful comment, I am your newest follower, keep in touch!

    1. Hi, Ang! It looks like so much fun. I hope I can go with my friend next year. Thanks so much for following us. We will follow you back too since I love all your posts. So creative! Have a good night! Amanda