Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back Again

In the busyness that has been this summer, the one thing that has fallen to the side is this blog (which I vowed to be better at in my last post) but I'm here to say I'm back again. I have been catching up on all my blog reading too. It feels a little like when you go back to school after summer break and get to hear about all the fun things your friends did on their vacations!

 These pictures are from forever and a day ago. After meeting Amanda to study on a Sunday morning, she convinced me to go to our friend's Bloody Sunday True Blood viewing party. And because I don't watch True Blood, I thought I would dress up. I don't know how that train of thought works but there it is.

You will also notice I'm still wearing lots of pink!

Also another funny sidenote: When I picked out these shoes, I didn't have my toenails painted so I quickly did them and drove to Amanda's house with no shoes on so my toes could dry. Ummm... crazy girl here!

Blazer: F21, Tank Top: F21, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Gifted, Sunnies: F21, Ring: F21, Necklace: DIY

Have a wonderful week!  -S


  1. You look so chic! Love the pedicure story!

  2. lovely outfit! de necklace is great!

  3. thanks! :)

    awn, nice hair do & cool sunnies dear :)!
    bisous x

  4. So sorry for the late reply! As for the urban decay eye primer, it does bring some vibrance to the colour but I did find it a little bit oily. I have relatively oily eyes, so I wouldn't recommend this primer to people with oily eyes but what I would recommend is Mac Fix+ instead. With the Fix+ all you need to do is spray it on your brush instead of on your eyes, and it will make your eyeshadow more vibrant :) hope this help <3 Btw very lovely outfit!!! Love the necklace so much!!!