Sunday, July 15, 2012

Life and other distractions

Hello Everyone, Long time no talk from me or Amanda but it's the same old story of life getting in the way. The two of us have been busy studying for tests and finishing a project. Then taking said tests and giving a presentation on said project. Not to mention that I have been house sitting / cat sitting / dog sitting for a few different people which is fun but throws my whole routine out the window. So I'm trying to get by in the habit of updating this little blog cause I have outfit photos just waiting to be shared. It's the sitting down to write that's hard sometimes.

This was my outfit from our little outing to Magic Mike which features another one of my grandma chic sweaters. It's so nice and cozy for those chilly air conditioned theaters. 

Jeans: Old Navy, Tank top: Wet Seal, Sweater: Got from my grandma, Shoes: F21, Necklaces: Thrifted & J.C. Penney's, Ring: F21

This last picture is my attempt at being a model, Amanda told me to do something interesting and I did this... I think I'm trying to hold up the wall?

Have a wonderful week! -S


  1. I love the grandma sweater! It looks warm and well made!

  2. the sweater looks perfect! I love the baby pink colour and the fact how warm it probably is.. our Estonian "summer" totally demands me to wear warm clothes though I don't want to! our summer sucks, to be honest! :D

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  4. I am loving your blog!
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