Monday, September 17, 2012

From Then til Now

I can and can't believe how quickly this last month of summer has gone but it's been a wonderful end to the summer. So here's a recap of all my fun and outfits post I never got around to writing.

My sister's coworker's cat had kittens and we got to play with them. Adorable!

My typical summer outfit for those not so hot days which was most of July.

These next few picture make me laugh and are also in need of a back-story. My sister has two beautiful Siamese cats and leashes for them (they're indoor only but it gets hot in her apartment so sometimes we take them outside).

I love that they had to sit as far apart as possible!

My sister with her cats. They started cooperating more towards the end or at least sat closer together.

 Another big thing that happened this summer was Amanda and I finished school! So we had to celebrate, which means signing Karaoke with our classmates!

And even though we are done with all of our course work, we still have one more exam to take so most of my morning are spent like this; hitting the books or checking Facebook on my phone.
Have a wonderful week! -S

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  1. hey, Sara! nice to see you here again after such a long time! I must say those cats are pretty brilliant. definitely a lot of fun! my grandmother used to have one of those cats btw and she (Kiki) was a very stubborn cat!
    anyway, you, girls, look great while walking the cats! totally fabulous!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me