Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Nest

A while back, Sara and I took our friend Ann out thrifting (Again. For reference, flashback to Ann's first time thrifting). Sara and I are known to catch sideways glances from fellow thrifters when we let out squeals of delight when unearthing thrifted treasure. When we stumbled on this particular treasure, Ann thought we were crazy and wasn't convinced. However, I could barely contain my drool and whipped on this silk, 80's dress right there in the aisle over my clothes! (thinking back, I'm surprised Sara and I didn't have to cat fight over this one.) The dress is one piece but looks like it is a skirt and blouse. AND...did I mention that it still had the shoulder pads intact? Bonus! Sara and Ann came away with some great thrifted pieces too.

Ann recently moved into a stunning condo that overlooks Lake Union (for those of you not from Seattle, this is the lake that the famous Sleepless in Seattle houseboat is on. Um, actually I learned that while I was on The Duck. I shouldn't act cool like I actually know these things...)

Since she wouldn't let us move in with her, the least Ann could do is invite us over for a lookie loo around the new condo and a night out for dinner at Wild Ginger. I decided it was a perfect occasion to take my totally rad thrifted 80's dress out for the night.

$ 5.99 thrifted Flora Kung*special edition*silk dress...shoulders pads FREE. Paired with alligator embossed clutch, pointy toe pumps, and spiked arm cuff from F21. The usual thrifting tip: this dress is a size way smaller than I usually wear. Try everything on that you like, you never know!

Here is Sara and I with a champagne toast to Ann's new nest. Congrats, Ann! BTW, love Sara's mint and pink paired together.

Side Note Alert: For the night out, I wanted a little bit more color on my legs. And who wants to wear Josie Grossie pantyhose? So, I decided to try Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Deep Glow. I mixed it in with a little bit of regular lotion. Sara and I thought maybe it came out a little on the Oompa Loompa orange side....so not sold yet. Maybe I was just being too ambitious with the darkest color they offer. Have you ever tried a product like this? 

Happy Tuesday, Friends! (wait...is it Tuesday? Ok, phew it is!)


  1. What a great view! Sounds like a fun night!

    1. Hi! Yes, the view is ridiculous good (would make for great 4th of July fireworks viewing parties...hint, hint)!. Have a great day! :) Amanda

  2. You are a thrifting master! I haven't tried the Airbrush Legs, but I have done sunless tanner. Nothing beats a real tan though!

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    1. No doubt, Sharon! Hopefully I'll get one soon! :) Have a good one! Amanda

  3. i'm so jealous of that view! it looks like you had a great time toasting to your friend's new place :)
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

    1. Hi Brie! We were secretly...ok a lot...jealous of Ann's view too. ;) Thanks so much for the follow! I'm heading over to your blog now. Have a great day! :) Amanda