Monday, January 28, 2013

An Estate Sale filled with Salad bowls, Suitcases and Siri Haters

I may or may not have gotten dress until the afternoon. I may or may not have spent my morning watching season 3 of Community

Pants: Gap, Top: Target, Shoes: Payless, Scarf: Gifted, Ring: H&M

If fact, the only productive thing I did this morning was roast beets in the oven and add them to pasta for lunch. It was very pink and tasty.  If you have never roasted beets before they are awesome! I always thought beets were an old person thing, like something a stereotypical adult tells you is good but they were right, where ever they are. 

And onto what I was really going to write about,  My Saturday estate sale shopping. My sister and I got some great things. We found this wooden salad bowl (which is also the perfect size for a cat!).

And I picked up this leather hole punch (I was overly excited about) for $0.50. A handy tool to have but not something I wanted/ needed enough to paid full price.

This suitcase was in great condition but really hard to open so lucky for us it was priced low and overlooked by lots of people.  

Estate sales are also fun for the people you meet, my sister bonded with some lady over their dislike of Siri and Zooey Deschanel. Followed by one of those awkward moments where you are trying to leave but the person just keeps talking so you pretend to keep shopping until the moment passes.
I love successful shopping trips! -S


  1. that is one very cool suitcase and I happen to own something similar. during summertime I keep my warm sweaters in there and during winter my summery tees and tops are hiding there. seems like your cat needs that suitcase too :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Aghhhh....I WANT that suitcase! If you go on a trip, say in late April, bring it with you!! ;)