Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back to Basic

Over the weekend, my sister and I went on a mission to buy basics. Both of us made a list of all the things we needed like new jeans, bras, tank tops. You know all the boring stuff. No new spring trends for us.

This shopping trip was full of purpose and we were determined to stay on track. I'm happy to report we did. What are sisters for if not to talk you got of buying something you really don't need.

In other news, I'm loving my new boyfriend skinny jeans, I have worn them 3 times including today's outfit since buying them. They may not be the most flattering pair of pants but they're really comfy. I'm still wearing heels so I have not totally given in to comfort. I feel like that's an unspoken fashion blogger rule -boyfriend jean must be worn with heels. Or is that just me?

Jeans: Levi's, Sweater: Thrifted, Tank Top: Romy, Scarf: Thrifted, Purse: Thrifted, Sunglasses: Thrifted, Heels: Nordstrom Rack, Ring: H&M



  1. Full discloser... I work for Nordstrom in our HQ... so I guess I am a little bias when I say this but if you are still bra shopping you need to come to our stores or look online. We just launched a spring lingerie campaign that is all about the basic bras you need that are amazing prices. Seriously... so good. Anyway, excited to find your blog and see more outfit posts!

    Dani // andbubblegum.com

    1. Hi Dani, thanks for checking out our little blog and for the bra tip too!