Monday, August 12, 2013

Do It Youself: Head Wrap

Every few months, I get the "can you please help me with this sewing project?" phone call from my best friend. So I wasn't surprised when she showed up at my house with a top in hand and a request to remove the sleeves. After removing the sleeves, I had her try on the top to see the fit only to find out that top was too small for her. I decide to reuse the fabric and give it back to her as part of her birthday present. After a short visit to Pinterest, I had a plan which I based off this pin. Below are the steps I followed!

 1. Pick your fabric. I'm using this top but any fabric that's long enough to wrap around your head will work. (if you use a shirt like me I used the backside of the shirt going from collar to the bottom seam).

2. Measure the circumstance of your head to find the length. I used 6 inches for my width but you could go as thick or thin as you would like. Cut your fabric according to your measurements and you should end up with a rectangle piece of fabric.

3. Fold your fabric in half the long way (that's the hotdog fold from elementary school) so the right sides of the fabric are together (wrong sides are facing out). Bonus: I like to iron the fabric so I know everything fits together correctly but that's totally up to you. 

4. Sew along the bottom and the open side of the fabric, leaving the other end open. Pull fabric through the open end so that the right sides of the fabric are now facing out and the seam is on inside. 

5. Sew the unfinished end so that it's gathered in the middle. I started in the middle, pulling the fabric from the sides together as I went. Do the same thing to the other end.

6. Sew the gathered ends together. I placed one on top of the other and ran my needle through both ends until it felt secure. 

7. Taking a small piece of fabric (mine was 2x2) I followed the same process as steps 3 and 4. This tube with be used to cover the stitches and give the head wrap a more finished look.

8. Sew the small tube to the backside of the two ends. Wrap the tube around the front covering the stitched part. 

9.  Sew the other end of the small tube in the back and you are all done!

Here's my friend in the finished product! We both loved how it turned out!



  1. it did turn out great and the fabric is awesome too! but gosh it sounds so complicated to make it, haha. I bet it's actually pretty easy but yeah, sometimes tutorials just make me feel confused :D

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. What a good friend you are! Well done!

  3. I know, it's seems like a lot of steps but they go really fast!