Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY Embellished Sweatshirt

Embellished sweatshirts is such a fun fall trend! But as I am cheap, I couldn't justify spending $20 on another sweatshirt even if it has rhinestones on it. So I headed to the thrift store, found a simple sweatshirt for $5 and got to work DIYing.

1. Pick a sweatshirt (either old one from the back of your closet or thrift store)

2. Get stuff to embellish with. There are lot of great options at the craft store from lace to sequins to studs. I went with sequin fabric pieces in 4 different sizes. You will also need scissors and either a needle and thread or fabric glue (for the non sewers, plus it's the faster option!).

3. Decide on placement and cut fabric to correct length. I wanted my detail on the shoulders so I measured from the collar seam to the sleeve seam (plus a little extra just in case).

4. Sew or glue fabric into place. Cut off any extra fabric so you have a clean line at the sleeve.

5. Wear and enjoy!


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