Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY inspired by Anthropologie

A few months back while looking at Pinterest, I found a pin of this Anthropologie doilies necklace. I thought I could make something similar and save myself $158 (which was the original price of this little baby).

Layers of Grace Necklace

Supplies Needed: 
chain and rings (I used a necklace kit that included both)
needle and thread
needle nose pliers
vintage rhinestone beads

1. I had two vintage doilies already which I cut to make my flowers but I would recommend getting different size doilies from the fabric store (and saving yourself this step).

2. Sew a rhinestone in the middle of each flower. 

3. Cut one of the doilies in a U shape for the base of the necklace. The necklace kit I used came with a 22 inch chain so I based my shape off of that (6x6 inch square will get you the same size as mine)

4. Using the needle nose pliers, open up a ring and attach it to the doily starting from the middle and working outward. Place the top two rings in the center on each side (this will help the necklace lay flat when you wear it).

5. Sew all the rings in place with needle and thread.

6. Attach the chain to the ring using the needle nose pliers starting from the center and working outwards.

7. Sew on the flowers with needle and thread on to the U shaped base.

8. Wear and enjoy!



  1. Wow! Well done! I like your version way more than anthro's! Can I buy that one off you?

  2. Thanks, I like my version better too! Maybe I should make some more with a going rate of $150, I could make some good shopping money!

  3. the original variant looks kind of odd to me but your necklace is really nice! it's slightly vintage and very pretty. I can't wait to see how you will wear it. oh and I happen to have something similar. I got it many many years ago from a regular clothes' store and it's purple.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. You could definitely sell these on etsy. And I'm serious about buying one off you! Email me if you're willing to sell! thriftedshift@gmail.com