Monday, December 2, 2013

DIY Christmas Shadow Box: Day 2

If you spent anytime looking at pinterest lately, I'm sure you have seen these shadow boxes. I thought they are really cute and decided to make one of  my own.
Decor - shadow box, scrapbook materials, jingle bells, and ribbon! (use acorns for Thanksgiving, candy corn for Halloween, jelly beans for Easter, etc...) 

 The one below from The Periwinkle Pixies. She has a great tutorial which is super easy to follow.

The Periwinkle Pixies: The Shadow Box Tutorial (Only 4 steps!!) or use Xmas bells!!!
I found some small jingle bells at the dollar store and picked up the rest of the supplies at Joann's. I ended up finding vinyl letters at Staples. All in all the whole cost less than $20 because of all the holiday weekend sales.


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