Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY Holly Crowns: Day 13

I know most people don't need holly leaves crowns but as a dance teacher who needs to come up with new costume ideas on the cheap, I find myself making some funny things . Last spring it was fairy wings for one class and horns for another. And for this year's winter show, it's holly crowns for my beginner class!

I cut off some branches from the holly plant in my backyard and placed them in some water with soap. A tip my grandma told me to help keep the plant from drying out too quickly. 

I made a base from three pieces of wire that I braided together. Then I cut off smaller pieces of holly and attached the whole thing together using floral tape. (I also cut off all the pointy ends, which is very time consuming but as these are going to be on children's heads, I didn't want anyone to get hurt. And no matter how many times you tell them not to touch their heads, god knows someone will.)

I decided to only put leaves towards the front: 1. to make it easier on me. 2. to make them easy to bobby pin them in their hair. 3. I didn't want to over do it. I was going for cute not crazy! I finished the back half of the crown with some green ribbon. 

And here are my finished product! Hopefully the kids will like them!

I think this idea would also work great on a smaller scale to make festive napkin rings for a holiday dinner!

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