Friday, December 6, 2013

My Winter To-do List: Day 6

Earlier in September, I made a fall to-do list of everything fun I wanted to do. And I happy to say that I did all my items but one. I'm back again to write my winter list of all the fun things I can think of right now that I want to do. 

1. Ice Skating

ice skating

I love ice skating but none of my friends ever seem to want to go but I think I may have to make a few go with me this year. 

2. Bake Lots of Cookies

Vintage Christmas ad General Mills 1948 Just a Housewife baking cookies

There's just something about this time of year and my need to bake as much sweets as possible.

3. Disneyland

lol cute photo! and yes we will be hitting up Disneyland and all that stuff when we go to Cali.

 My sister and I are taking a little trip to Disneyland in the new year. It's pretty much all we talk about these days and I can't wait to go!

4. Try Zumba

ZUMBA TIME!!!!!!!!

I keep thinking about trying it. I really need to just go to a class and stop thinking about it!


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