Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pin-spiration: Day 10

I adore vintage pins! They are always so beautiful and I love collecting them. But I never seem to wear them that much as I think I will. Isn't that always the case? Sure, I can add a pin to jacket or sweater but I couldn't help thinking that there has to be other fun ways to wear pins.

1.Add some bling
 A simple thrifted pin in the center of this ivory bow makes this clutch just a bit more fancy.

2. Join a chain gang
By adding a pin to a simple chain changes it into an awesome statement necklace. The more of the chain you can get through the pin, the better it will stay in place!

3. Put a ring on it

 By sticking the pin through a loop ring (used for beading jewelry), you can make a cool cocktail ring. This works best with a small pin. Sticking the pin in on a diagonal so that one loop from each side is through the pin makes it more secure. If you want a more permanent fix add some jewelry wire to keep it in place.

4. Start a band

 Add the pin to a piece of ribbon to make a fun headband or a simple belt or even a cute wrap bracelet.


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