Monday, May 5, 2014

DIY: Baby Bib

If you are anything like me everyone you know seems to be having babies. This means baby showers and of course gifts. While I stick to the registry when buying a gift, I also like to make something extra, too.  

Supplies: White cotton bib or onesies , iron-on adhesive, fabric

1. Pre-wash bib and fabric. I usually run the iron over the fabric too so everything is clean and smooth for application.

2. Find and print out pattern from Google. I have done this same project using bows and letters but my favorite is this whale.

3. Cut fabric to the size of the pattern. And using your iron, stick the wrong side of the fabric down on the wax side of the paper. Hold the iron on for about 2-3 seconds or until the fabric has completely bonded to the paper. *Always follow the specific instructions on your iron on adhesive packaging first.

4. Trace the pattern on the paper side and cut it out. *Remember that this image is backwards to the fabric side so flip your letters! I have forgotten far too many times and had to redo them!

5. Peel off the paper side and place image on bib. Hold the iron over image for about 5 seconds or until bonded. Make sure to go over the edges really well.

6. If you are not a sewer than you're done! It's good to note that not following up with stitch means in won't last as long but it's still really cute. I just did a simple zig-zag around the outside with my machine but I have hand sewn the edges with embroidery thread as well.

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  1. Perfect! I like the idea of cutting a figure then make it as a design. From plain bib to a very nice one. Good Job!